Contributions for Worship (2 Chronicles 31:2 – 21)

Scripture Text:

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2 Chronicles 31:2 – 21

1. What person or service comes to mind when you hear the word “generous”?

2. What food item do you serve generous heaps of to company?

3. What specific things did King Hezekiah do in verses 2 -4 to continue the revival of worship? Why was each of these actions important?

4. How did the people respond to Hezekiah’s order in verse 5? Why so generous? What lesson did Azariah the chief priest learn from all this?

5. How did Hezekiah plan to handle the “heaps” of things given to the Lord? What responsibilities did he delegate? Why is good delegation so important to successful leadership?

6. Who was provided for under Hezekiah’s distribution plan? Why was this so important (Numbers 18)?

7. What most impresses you about Hezekiah from these verses? What was the secret of his success?

8. What kinds of organizations or people do you regularly support with time, talent or treasure (money)? Why these?

9. Are some things better caught than taught? How does this chapter illustrate this to you?

10. Does obedience to the Lord insure prosperity for an individual? A church? A nation? Explain.



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