Praise To The LORD (Isaiah 25)

Scripture Text:

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Isaiah 25

1. As a child, where was the “heap of rubble” that you used to play on? What was one of the more useful pieces of junk you brought home?

2. What was your safe place when a severe storm was brewing? Where was your emotional shelter when things were stormy?

3. At which annual feast do you always overeat?

4. (In comparison to chapter 24) what mood shift do you sense in this chapter? What leads Isaiah (and his people) to exclaim, “O Lord, you are my God!”?

5. The “city” and “fortified town” in verse 2 symbolize all the things where people have placed their pride and confidence. What will be the result of God’s judgment upon these things? How does this relate to chapter 19:23 – 25?

6. How is God’s relationship to the poor and the needy pictured here?

7. Kings would often hold inaugural and wedding feasts for their subjects. For whom is this feast on Mt. Zion given? Who will be excluded from this feast? Why?

8. What will be the effects of the Lord’s reign on those who submit and those who don’t?

9. What applications does the New Testament make of this great feast (verse 6; see 1 Corinthians 15:54; Revelation 19:9; 21:4)? What will be the effect of Christ’s coming in that day?

10. What are some of the “cities” (seats of power, feats or accomplishments) in which people place their pride and confidence today? To which of these things do you find yourself drawn? Why?

11. What is the “storm” or “heat of the desert” that is affecting you right now? How has God sheltered you from that? Where do you need a shelter or cloud cover now?

12. In coping with death, disappointment or disgrace, what does the promise of verses 7 and 8 mean to you? When has that promise been made real to you? Or does it seem so distant in its fulfillment that it is not much help to you (in the here and now)?



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