The Kingdom of Righteousness (Isaiah 32:1 – 8)

Scripture Text:

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Isaiah 32:1 – 8

1. What are you thirsty or hungry for, right now?

2. What conditions marked the reign of the leaders who did not trust God (see chapter 28:7 – 10, 14, 15; chapter 29:13, 20, 21)?

3. By contrast, what will this kingdom of righteousness look like (verses 2 – 4)?

4. What will happen to the ways of the fool and the unjust? Why does foolishness flourish when there’s no justice?

5. When you need someone to be a shelter for you, to whom do you turn? Why? How is Jesus presented in this passage?

6. For whom could you be like a shelter or a stream of water today? How? What example can you think of where a person’s power has been mistaken for true greatness?

7. Is your culture more influenced by a leader’s style or by substance? Why do you think so?

8. What marks of true greatness (verse 8) do you want to see growing in you? How can you cultivate that fruit (see Matthew 6:33)?



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