The Women of Jerusalem (Isaiah 32:9 – 20)

Scripture Text:

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Isaiah 32:9 – 20

1. In the morning, are you easy to wake up? Or do you need two alarms, a dog with a cold nose and someone to pull the covers off of you?

2. Up to this point, how have the men responded to Isaiah’s message (see Isaiah 28:7 – 10)? Why might he be turning to the women at this juncture? What does he anticipate for them?

3. What does Isaiah mean by the “thorns and briers” (verse 13; see also Isaiah 5:6, 7:23; and 27:4)? What is wrong with the revelry and merriment over which he calls the women to mourn (see Isaiah 22:12, 13)?

4. What will restore Judah (verses 15 – 20)? What will the restored kingdom look like?

5. How do these promises of God compare with those given earlier (see Isaiah 28:16; 29:17 – 24; 30:19 – 26; 32:1 – 8; 33:20 – 24)? What is distinctive about the imagery Isaiah uses to convey his message?

6. What is the difference between security in God’s love and complacency that you are on the right side?

7. What does Isaiah feel the outpouring of the Spirit will be like on God’s people? How does that compare to the disciples’ question in Acts 1:5, 6?

8. Which is closer to your own view of what it means to be filled with the Spirit? Is it more of an individual or corporate experience? How so?

9. Are you experiencing the fulness of the Spirit in your life? In your church’s life? How so?

10. What does Isaiah say about God’s ultimate desire for you?



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