Woe To Those Who Rely On Egypt (Isaiah 31)

Scripture Text:

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Isaiah 31

1. If you had to be a horse, a lion or a bird, which one would you choose and why? Which of their assets (speed, strength, appetite, quickness) would you like to have?

2. How is this “woe” related to the one in chapter 30? What similarities do you see? What differences? What reasoning is given here for the warning in the previous “woe”?

3. If you were a leader in Judah, why would you seek this alliance? What have these leaders overlooked, as they have formed this alliance?

4. In contrast to the stumbling of the Egyptians, how will God help Judah during the Assyrian attack (verses 4 – 9)? How will God be like a lion? Like a mother bird? Like a fire?

5. How will this event be like another Passover for Judah (verse 5; see also Exodus 12:12, 13)? What will be the result for the Assyrians? For the Jews?

6. What does it mean that this deliverance doesn’t depend upon whether they “return to Him” first (verse 6)? What will happen as a result of this deliverance?

7. What pressures have you felt lately? In practical terms, does relying on God in such times mean not involving the help of anyone else? How can you tell when it is wise and right to rely on others, or when that shows independence from God?

8. God intended to deliver Judah even while she persisted in rebellion. What hope does that offer you (see Romans 5:8)?

9. When have you actually lived as though God didn’t matter? What did matter at that time? What difference does it make to you to realize that even in those times God is protecting you as a lion or a mother bird? What other images of God help you to embrace Him?



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