Hezekiah’s Thanksgiving (Isaiah 38:9 – 20)

Scripture Text:

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Isaiah 38:9 – 20

1. What images does Hezekiah use to talk about death? What aspect of death and dying do they each convey? To what does he credit his temporary deliverance from death (see Isaiah 38:1 – 8)? What part has divine forgiveness played in his healing? What resolve does he make in light of that deliverance?

2. What do you fear about death? What hope does the Gospels give you that was unknown to Hezekiah?

3. Hezekiah realized his illness and deliverance were both from God (verses 15 – 17). What does it mean to you that suffering is part of God’s plan for you? What role does suffering serve in your life?

4. Hezekiah viewed life as a gift from God to be used for His purposes. How would this affect how you will live out your numbered days?



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