Hezekiah’s Pride, Success and Death (2 Chronicles 32:24 – 33)

Scripture Text:

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2 Chronicles 32:24 – 33

1. What was the most traumatic childhood illness you suffered? How did it impact your life?

2. Where do you want to be buried when you die? Why?

3. After all of Hezekiah’s accomplishments, what personal crisis did he face? What character flaw did this crisis expose? What lessons do you see in this incident described in verses 24 – 26?

4. How else was Hezekiah’s reign noteworthy according to verses 27 – 30? Which of his accomplishments is most impressive to you?

5. Where does the chronicler rank Hezekiah among the kings of Judah? Where would you? Why?

6. Hezekiah is criticized for his pride. Is pride always bad? What can make it so objectionable to God?

7. How do you measure greatness in life? How does God measure it?



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