Envoys From Babylon Visit Hezekiah (2 Kings 20:12 – 21; Isaiah 39)

Scripture Texts:

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2 Kings 20:12 – 21

Isaiah 39

1. What room in your home are guests first shown? Which room do guests never see? What is special about these two rooms in your home?

2. What treasure do you show off when you can? A trophy? Your vehicle? Your home? Your family?

3. How do you feel towards someone whose treasures outshine yours?

4. What treasure is Hezekiah showing off? Why is he strutting his stuff (see 2 Chronicles 32:22 – 25)?

5. How does this puffed-up Hezekiah compare with the Hezekiah in Isaiah 38:15 – 19?

6. What is Isaiah’s mood as he probes Hezekiah? Accusing? Alarmed? Nonchalant? Is Hezekiah as open with Isaiah as he appears to be with the envoys?

7. What do you find remarkable about Isaiah’s oracle concerning the Babylon exile?

8. What is your impression of Hezekiah at the end of today’s reading? Selfish? Relieved? Callous? Grateful? Explain your answer.

9. What hopes might the wealth of Hezekiah (the kingdom of Judah) stir up among patronizing people of Judah and Babylon? Could Hezekiah be the deliverer foreseen in Isaiah 9:1 – 7 and Isaiah 11: 1 – 11? How does Isaiah dash these hopes?

10. What hero (religious or political) have you idolized? How has seeing his or her faults forced you to look again to Jesus as the model for your life?

11. Is it harder for you to be faithful during times of hardship or times of success? Why?

12. Should nations be hospitable and open? Or emphasize “national security”? Where does true security lie?

13. If God revealed to you that would not die for 15 years (as He did for Hezekiah), would you live more confidently? Daringly? Selfishly?



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