Sennacherib (the King of Assyria) Threatens Jerusalem (2 Chronicles 32:1 – 23)

Special Note: The parallel passages describing the Assyrian threat to Jerusalem (2 Kings 18, 2 Chronicles 32 and Isaiah 36) appear individually in 3 posts this week: July 27, July 29 and July 31, 2015.

Scripture Text:

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2 Chronicles 32:1 – 23

1. What is your favorite body of water?

  • your pool?
  • secret fishing hole?
  • stretch of white water rapids?
  • secluded seashore or lake?

2. What kept you out of mischief when you were 5 years old?

3. After all his successes, what was the major political crisis Hezekiah faced in his reign? How did he prepare to deal with this crisis (verses 2 – 8)? What strikes you about these preparations?

4. What psychological warfare tactics did Sennacherib use to undermine the morale of Hezekiah and Jerusalem? What did he say about Hezekiah? About himself? The Lord?

5. How was Sennacherib’s invasion actually defeated? Did Hezekiah play any role in this defeat? Did he get credit for it?

6. Are you facing any Sennaecheribs in your life now? How are you preparing to defend yourself?

7. Has God ever miraculously rescued you from a terrible situation or person? How did it happen?

Additional Note:

Of all the kings of Judah, none are given higher praise than Hezekiah but, overall, his life contained a mixture of wisdom and folly, vice and virtue . . .

On the good side:

  • he trusted in the Lord
  • cleansed Judah from idol worship
  • won independence from the powerful nations around
  • (after a prayer for healing) was granted an extension of his life

On the bad side:

  • he foolishly tried to bribe the Assyrians with gold stripped from the Temple
  • when representatives from Babylon visited him, he boastfully showed them all his treasures
  • when Isaiah warned that Babylon would come back to take those treasures and more, Hezekiah contented himself to say that at least there would be peace and truth during his reign



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