Comfort For God’s People – Pt2 (Isaiah 40:12 – 31)

Scripture Text: Isaiah 40:12 – 31

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1. When you are down in the dumps, what favorite things do you like to think about to lift your spirits? Does it help?

2. What is the intended effect of all these rhetorical questions? In each comparison (creation, knowledge, the nations), how does God fare?

3. How do the works of our hands compare with those of God (verses 12, 19, 20)? When do our own works become idols?

4. How does God regard the power of nations, even today’s superpowers (verses 15 – 17, 23, 24)?

5. Is any image or standard comparison adequate to measure God’s worth (verses 18 – 25)? Why or why not?

6. What is the complaint of the exiles (verse 27)? What must they still learn about God before they can be restored to their homeland (verses 21, 28)?

7. As a weary exile, which of these promises would you find most uplifting?

8. What “grass and flowers” (verse 6) or “idols” (verse 19) of this world today seem awfully powerful to you? How much do you depend on them? By comparison, do the promises of God just seem like words now, or do they give you hope? Why?

9. What sort of complaints do you hear today from non-Christians? From Christians? How might you answer them from the truths of this chapter?

10. When have you most recently felt like God must have lost your address or phone number? What fears and thoughts arose in your mind? How might the truths of this chapter help restore strength to you?

11. Practically and theologically, how does one “soar like an eagle”? Compare verse 31 with Exodus 19:4 and Deuteronomy 32:10, 11. How is learning to hope in God (verse 31) like a fledgling bird learning to fly? How has God “caught” you when you have fallen instead of flown? In what way is he teaching you to fly now?



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