The Helper of Israel: Part 2 (Isaiah 41:21 – 29)

Scripture Text:

Isaiah 41:21 – 29

(Click the Scripture text to open the text in a new window.)

1. Have you ever predicted something would happen and nobody listened? Were you correct? How did you feel?

2. Verses 21 – 29 resume God’s address to the nations. To what competition does the Lord challenge the idols? Why do the idols fail when the Lord succeeds? What will be the outcome for those who had placed their trust in the idols? In the Lord?

3. Cyrus is also called the “one from the north” (verse 25). Persia was to the east of Babylon, yet Cyrus marched against her from the north. Although Cyrus credited his victories to many “gods”, what was the truth about this period of history. How do the military conquests of Cyrus stand in contrast to those of Assyria (see Isaiah 10:12, 13)?

4. In whose predictions of the future do you place your faith? Are there any “idols” in your life whose wisdom or advice you credit above God’s? What will you do to change that attitude?

5. Where do you see God at work in history? In your own life? What new perspective have you gained from this chapter on God’s wisdom? On His dependability?



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