Song of Praise to the LORD (Isaiah 42:10 – 17)

Scripture Text:

Isaiah 42:10 – 17

(Click the Scripture text to open the text in a new window.)

1. What new song has been running through your head lately? Why that one?

2. What places does the prophet call upon here? How does this widespread call relate to the mission of the servant in verses 6 and 7?

3. How is God “like a mighty man” (verse 13)? How is He “like a woman in childbirth” (verse 14)? Why does He first “shout” the battle cry, then “gasp and pant”?

4. Why does Isaiah finish the good promises of verses 14 – 16 with the warning of verse 17?

5. How are we called to imitate God’s actions in this song (see Acts 26:18 and 1 Peter 2:9)? Who has helped you to see the light in the darkness? How can you help others turn from darkness to light?

6. What “idols” are you tempted to look to in your life? How might this passage help you?



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