Israel Blind and Death (Isaiah 42:18 – 25)

Scripture Text:

Isaiah 42:18 – 25

(Click the Scripture text to open the text in a new window.)

1. Have you ever misplaced something, only to discover it “right under your nose”? What and where was it? Why did you fail to see it right away?

2. What things have the exiles seen and heard but failed to notice? What was the result?

3. What did God originally plan that Israel should be? How have they failed to live up to this? What have they become instead?

4. If you were an exile, what comfort would you find in this passage? What lesson for the future would you learn?

5. Are there times in your past when you were deaf or blind to the obvious will of God? How was it obvious, now that you look back? Did God give up on you?

6. If God needed to gain your attention today, where would you place yourself on the scale of 1 (deaf) to 5 (all ears)? Are there any areas of your life where you might still be turning a deaf ear or an intentional blind eye?



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