God’s Mercy and Israel’s Unfaithfulness (Isaiah 43:14 – 28)

Scripture Text:

Isaiah 43:14 – 28

(Click the Scripture text to open the text in a new window.)

1. Have you ever fallen asleep in church? Was if out of tiredness or boredom? What woke you up?

2. What contrasting attitudes has God found in the Babylonians, in the wild animals, and in Israel (verses 14, 20, 22)?

3. With what attitude do you imagine the exiles carried out their religious practices (verses 22 – 28)? What does that show about their view of God? Although God has not wearied them with His demands, how have they wearied Him?

4. In spite of their attitudes, what has God done for them? What does God say about Himself in these verses?

5. What does God mean by blotting out sins “for my own sake” (verse 25)?

6. When has God seemed like a dusty memory to you? At those times, what helps you get in touch with Him? How might recalling the acts of God in your past give you courage to face the present and future?

7. What has God done in your past that you especially can look to as evidence of His presence with you? What “stream in the desert” is bubbling up for you now?

8. In your worship life, are you lavishly giving yourself to God or callously wearing Him with meaningless rituals? When has it been different? What accounts for the change?

9. In your service to God, are you wearying yourself for Him or are you wearying Him?

10. What “new thing” (verse 19) has the Lord done in your life? What is He doing now?

11. What “former things” (verse 18) from your past do you have difficulty forgetting? How might verse 25 help?



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