The LORD, Not Idols (Isaiah 44:6 – 23)

Scripture Text:

Isaiah 44:6 – 23

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1. What is the one thing that you made as a child that you were really proud of?

2. Have you ever worked hard toward a goal, only to discover that it wasn’t worth the work? How did you feel then?

3. In verses 6 – 8, what are the ways that God claims to be unique? What titles and descriptions does God use of Himself? What does each mean? In what ways is He different from the idols of verses 12 – 20)?

4. For what reasons is idolatry mocked in verses 9 – 20? In what ways do those who worship idols end up like the idols (verses 18 – 20)?

5. In contrast to the idols that can do nothing, what things has God done for Israel (verses 21 – 23)? In turn, what does He call upon the people to do? What does He mean by it?

6. God redeemed Israel before they returned to Him. What does this show of God’s nature?

7. What “gods” have people in your culture shaped for themselves? Why are people attracted to these false gods? With which ones do you struggle? How have you seen these false gods end up oppressing those who make them?

8. How do modern forms of idolatry help people ignore reality? How might Christianity itself end up being an idol? How is true worship of God different?

9. How is the irony of verses 15 – 17 reflected in modern forms of idolatry? In what way have you experienced that following these modern idols is nothing but “feeding on ashes”?

10. Is your worship life more characterized by singing and joy, or ritual and dullness? Why? What helps you to move toward joyful worship?



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