Jerusalem To Be Inhabited: Part 2 (Isaiah 45:14 – 25)

Scripture Text:

Isaiah 45:14 – 25

(Click the Scripture text to open the text in a new window.)

1. Can you remember a political speech that impressed you? Why? Did any of the hopes and promises expressed come true?

2. Verse 14 describes a defeated people being led in chains to the land of their conquerors. Since Israel never even tried to conquer these people, what type of conquest is in view here?

3. In reference to Question #2, what “forces” are involved in the battle (verses 15 – 17)? What effect will this deliverance have upon nations that are far away? (Note: Egypt, Cush and Seba – all in Africa – were considered the farthest nations.)

4. What lessons from chapter 44:24 – 26 are repeated here? What is the purpose of this continual contrast between God and idols (chapter 45:22 – 25)?

5. From this passage alone, what does God say about His character? His purposes? His desires?

6. How do verses 22 – 25 form the backdrop for Philippians 2:10, 11? Accordingly, who are the “descendants of Israel” (see also Galatians 3:29)? What do these verses indicate about the ultimate purpose of God’s judgments and acts in history?

7. God calls all types of people to come to Him. How does that affect your prayers? Your priorities? Your sense of purpose? Your hope?

8. Verse 15 should read, “God is hidden among you.” If a non-believer visited your church this past month, what evidence would show that God is in your midst? What types of evidence does God want us to show forth in our lives?



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