The Servant of the LORD (Isaiah 49:1 – 7)

Scripture Text:

Isaiah 49:1 – 7

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1. During your childhood, who was your favorite hero? How did you show it?

2. How might this servant speak to the people (verse 2a)? How does that contrast with the servant’s type of speech in chapter 42:2?

3. Why does the Lord call His servant by the name of Israel (verse 3), if He is speaking to an individual with a mission to Israel (verse 5; see chapter 26:18)?

4. How do you think the servant was received by Israel, the nation (verses 4 and 7)? How does this reflect the experience of Isaiah (chapter 30:9 – 11)? Of Jeremiah (Jeremiah 26:7, 8)? Of Jesus?

5. In his discouragement, what promises does the servant receive from God? How is this related to the prophecy of chapter 11:10? What does this imply about the dignity of the servant?

6. What examples can you think of in Jesus’ life when His speech was gentle? When was it cutting like a sword? Why the difference? When is it best to speak gently with people? To be strong and cutting?

7. Jesus said that believers were “the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14). From this passage, what did He meant by that image? How might the promises in this passage apply to you when you feel as though your efforts to follow God have little effect on others?

8. Which of these traits of the servant seem beyond you? Which are within your grasp?



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