The Future Glory of Zion (Isaiah 54)

Scripture Text:

Isaiah 54

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1. If you discovered you were going to be the proud parent of quintuplets, what changes would this force on your budget? Your housing situation? Your emotions?

2. Ever witness an earthquake? When? What was it like?

3. In Isaiah 51:2, Sarah (Abraham’s wife) was used as an example of faith for the exiles. How is her experience reflected in verses 1 – 3 as well (see Genesis 18:9 – 14; Genesis 21:6, 7)? What does the prophet mean by using this image?

4. Since singleness and barrenness were causes of shame for a woman, how would that exemplify the experience of the exiles? How does this picture differ from that seen in Jeremiah 3:6 – 10? What is the point of each analogy?

5. How was the captivity in Babylon like the “days of Noah” for the exiles? For God?

6. Although Jerusalem was rebuilt, it had not regained the influence and status pictured in verses 11 – 15. In light of that, what does the prophet really mean? How does this relate to the apostle John’s description of “the new Jerusalem” (seen in Revelation 21:11 – 21)? What promises are associated with it?

7. What point is Isaiah making in verses 10, 16 and 17? Have you ever felt the “ground” under your spiritual life quake? Can you trace God’s control of events in your own life which seemed out of control?

8. What circumstances have caused  you to feel abandoned by God? At those times, how might you be helped by the picture of God as a husband renewing his vows?

9. Of the promises in verses 11 – 17, which one means the most to you now? Why? How will that hope make a difference in the way you live today?



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