Invitation to the Thirsty (Isaiah 55)

Scripture Text:

Isaiah 55

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1. What is your favorite junk food? How would you feel if that were all you had available to eat?

2. what is God’s message to poor exiles (verse 1) and rich exiles (verse 2)? How will this “class” distinction be removed? What is required of the exiles to receive this blessing from God?

3. How would the exiles respond to the disparity in verses 8 and 9? How might they have felt if the Lord had not reminded them of this?

4. What is the expiration date of the covenant God is making with the exiles (verse 3)? What is its purpose (verses 4 and 5)? What other sections from Isaiah 40 – 55 have stressed this same theme? What does that tell you about God’s purpose for the world?

5. What does it mean to “seek the Lord” (verses 6 and 7)? What hopeful promise is associated with doing so?

6. How does the question in verse 2 strike you? What things have you spent your money or labor on that have ultimately proven to be unfulfilling?

7. How does God’s word taste to you?

  • awful (but good for you like medicine)
  • too watered down (like soggy cereal)
  • too out-dated (like stale bread)
  • very rich (like gourmet food)

8. How does Isaiah’s invitation relate to Jesus’ words in John 6:35? What does it mean to “feed” upon Jesus? This past week, would you say you have lived on spiritual junk food or God’s healthy, low-fat meals? Why?

9. In light of verses 6 and 7, would you say you have sought the Lord or hiding from Him the past few days? Why?

10. Joy and peace are the fruit God’s Word produces (verses 11 and 12). At what stage of development is this fruit in your life?

  • buried seed?
  • just starting to sprout?
  • ripening fruit?
  • in need of weeding?

11. In reference to Question #10, how might you be “fertilized” by the commands in verses 1 – 3, 6 and 7?

12. What is the most impressive mountain range you have ever seen? How do you imagine they would sound if suddenly they burst into song? Like rock? The symphony? Opera?

13. In reference to Question #12, how would you feel as you realized they (the mountain range) were singing for joy over what God has done in and for you? What does that imply about your importance to God?



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