The Glory of Zion (Isaiah 60)

Scripture Text:

Isaiah 60

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1. What do you like best about a parade? The bands? The floats? Military displays? Have you ever felt tingles down your spine of pride or joy during such an event?

2. Have you ever witnessed a total eclipse of the sun or moon? How did you feel?

3. How do you understand verses 1 – 3 in light of Isaiah 59:10? In light of Isaiah 9:1, 2? How intense will that coming light be (verses 19 and 20)? What does Isaiah mean by this?

4. What are some of the major themes seen throughout this book which this song ties together (see Isaiah 2:2, 3; Isaiah 9:1; Isaiah 14: 1, 2; Isaiah 27:12; Isaiah 30:26; Isaiah 49:22, 23)?

5. From what directions will people come to Jerusalem? How will they do so? What will change as a result for Jerusalem? For the nations?

6. Since a city’s gates were normally closed at night as a defense against enemies, what does verse 11 say about the new situation God will bring about?

7. What does the Lord mean by “in its time I will do this swiftly” (verse 22)? When and how will this come to pass?

8. How does this song parallel the whole movement of the Christian’s experience from conversion, to spiritual growth, to eternity with Christ?

9. Where in the range of “darkness” (verse 2) to “radiance” (verse 5) are you this week? What aspects of the Christian life have lost their shine since your salvation? Which have gained new sparkle? What can help you shine more brightly?

10. Is the light prophesied by Isaiah a future hope, a present reality or both? Why do you think so (see John 4:23; Revelation 21:23 – 25)?

11. What is the relationship between peace and righteousness? What would be different if those qualities dominated in your community’s civic life? In your church life? In your family life?

12. How can this song encourage you at a time when peace and righteousness do not dominate in any of those spheres (verse 2)? What can you do to help nurture peace and righteousness within yourself and those around you?

13. Daydream about what it would be like if Jesus returned tomorrow and set up His throne in Jerusalem.

  • Would you go there? How?
  • What would it be like?
  • What would it be like to see Jesus in person?
  • How would you feel then about the important and urgent matters of your daily life?



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