Judgment and Salvation (Isaiah 65:1 – 16)

Scripture Text:

Isaiah 65:1 – 16

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1. Have you had a cherished possession that was broken, lost or stolen? How did you feel? How would you have felt if you had given it away?

2. When you were a child playing hide-n-seek, did you prefer being the hider or the seeker? Where was your favorite hiding place?

3. This section is God’s reply to the prayer in chapter 64. What has been God’s frustration in His relationship with Israel? How would He answer the questions of the people in chapter 64:11 and 12?

4. Verses 3 – 5 and 11 depict practices associated with idolatry. How does God react to these practices? Why did judgment have to come upon Israel (verses 1 – 5)?

5. Although their sin of idolatry is the focus here, what other sins have led up to judgment (see Isaiah 56:9 – 12; Isaiah 58:3, 4; Isaiah 59:3, 4)? How might these sins all stem from the practice of idolatry?

6. Compare Isaiah 65:8 – 12 with Isaiah 10:20 – 23. What do they have in common? How is the emphasis of each different? What promises are here for those who have not followed the way of idolatry?

7. What do the contrasts in verses 13 – 16 show about the quality of life God intends for His people (compare Luke 6:20 – 26)? What will happen to those who have placed their hope in other gods?

8. When have you been so caught up with chasing after modern “idols” that you have been unable to hear God calling you? What did it take for Him to finally break through?

9. What qualities mark the people who receive the curses pronounced by Isaiah? Where do you see that in evidence today? Or will this only be manifested in the distant future? Why do you think so?

10. How can the promises of verses 13 – 16 be of help when you feel spiritually hungry, thirsty and ashamed?

11. In terms of “hide and seek”, do you see God in your own life as more the hider or the seeker? Is there any area in your life today where God is holding out His hands (verse 2) or calling “Here I am” (verse 1)? How will you respond?



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