Israel Forsakes God-Part 2 (Jeremiah 2:20 – 3:5)


Scripture Text:

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Jeremiah 2:20 – 3:5

1. Who is considered the “black sheep” or “wild vine” of your family? How and why did he or she become that way?

2. Have you ever been accused of something and thought you were innocent? What happened? Did you later discover you were wrong?

3. What word-pictures does Jeremiah paint to describe Israel? How is Israel like a stubborn mule? Like a prostitute? A wild vine? A she-camel? A disgraced thief? A ravenous lion?

4. How does this picture of prostitutes and animals in heat differ from the earlier one of Israel as bride (see chapter 2:2, 3)?

5. What answers does Jeremiah expect to his rhetorical questions and sarcasm in chapter 2:31 – 34?

6. How has Israel treated the poor (verse 34)? Did Jewish law permit killing burglars in defense of property (see Exodus 22:2, 3)?

8. What punishment of Israel is indicated in chapter 2:35 – 37? For what reasons? By what means?

9. What does the analogy of divorce mean in this context (chapter 3:1 – 5)? Who is the one properly entitled to seek divorce: God or Israel?

10. Who is the one seeking reconciliation? Who is the one likely to reject that effort? Why is that?

11. Not many people bow down before or converse with gods of wood and stone in modern times. What kinds of things do people worship today? What things are you tempted to worship?

12. Do you think God regards you as a “bride” or a “prostitute”? Why? How do you show your loyalty to God as your first love? How do you handle conflicts of loyalty between God and other loves?

13. How important is loyalty to you in your relationships apart from God? To what or whom do you feel most loyal? Why? How loyal do you feel towards your church? In what ways can you show your loyalty to them?



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