False Religion Worthless (Jeremiah 7:1 – 29)

Scripture Text:

Jeremiah 7:1 – 29

(Click the Scripture text to open the text in a new window.)
1. Have you ever seen abandoned farms, a ghost town or ancient ruins? Where? How did it make you feel?

2. Have you ever seen a 1960s-style protest or a labor strike? What was the issue? How did it make you feel?

3. Where does Jeremiah go to proclaim this message (verse 2)? Who would hear it there?

4. How can Judah remain in the land (verses 5 – 7)? What kind of crimes have the people committed?

5. What have they done to the temple (verses 8 – 11)? What happened a century earlier that makes them feel safe (2 Kings 19:32 – 36)? But are they safe, despite what the other prophets say in verse 4?

6. Israel had a tabernacle at Shiloh long before King David conquered Jerusalem and King Solomon built the temple. What happened to it (see Psalm 78:60 – 64; 1 Samuel 4:3 – 11)? What lesson does God want Judah to learn from that (verses 12 – 15)?

7. Why do you think God forbids Jeremiah to pray for Judah (verse 16)? What is the point of mentioning men, women and children involved in this idolatrous worship (verses 18 and 19)? Who is really being hurt by this practice?

8. How are they trying to appease God now (verse 21)? What’s being neglected (verses 22 – 24)?

9. Will Jeremiah fare any better than the other prophets (verses 25 – 27)? What will happen then (verses 28 – 29)?

10. Where are you in your spiritual journey?

  • Egypt?
  • Going forward?
  • Going backward?
  • At the temple gate?

11. Do people in your church substitute being religious for being obedient? Do you? How can you make sure you are not fooling yourself?

12. What does God have to do to get the attention of people today? What message does He want to send to you?

13. How did Jesus see Jeremiah’s words fulfilled in His day (see Matthew 21:12, 13)? What would Jeremiah and Jesus say about what goes on in churches today? In what ways is your church “doing business”? Who are the paying customers? What’s the product?



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