Sin and Punishment – Part 2 (Jeremiah 9:2 – 26)


Scripture Text:

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Jeremiah 9:2 – 26

1. What is your favorite place to get away from it all? How often do you go there?

2. Having wept continuously (chapter 9:1), what does Jeremiah no want to do? Why?

3. What are their tongues capable of doing (verses 3 and 8)? In what situations does deception prove effective?

4. What does Jeremiah weep over in verse 10? What seems to bother him the most about God bringing Jerusalem to ruins (verses 11 and 12)?

5. How does the Lord answer him (verses 13 – 19)? Who are “wailing women” (verses 17 – 20; see 2 Chronicles 35:25 and Matthew 9:23, for a tradition instituted by Jeremiah)? Why will this become a booming profession?

6. In what sense is death the “grim reaper” (verse 22)?

7. What do the wise, the strong and the rich stand to lose from the invasion? What does it mean to “boast” in wisdom, strength or riches? In what should one boast instead (verse 24; compare with 1 Corinthians 1:31)?

8. Was circumcision the sole property of the Israelites (verses 25 and 26)? What kind of circumcision matters to God and why (see Jeremiah 4:4 and Jeremiah 6:10)?

9. What kind of things do people today “boast” or take pride in? What do you tend to boast about?

10. What has been a great sadness in your life? Would it feel good to have someone “wail” with you about it? How do people respond to your feelings of loss or sorrow? How has God treated you?

11. Even in circumcision, Judah had become like the surrounding countries. In what ways is the Church today indistinguishable from the society or culture it is in? In what ways is the Church distinct from any other social group?

12. Do you make friends easily, or are you a loner? Did betrayal by a friend or sibling make it hard for you to trust? How do you protect yourself from being hurt by people important to you?



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