Threat of Captivity (Jeremiah 13:15 – 27)


Scripture Text:

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Jeremiah 13:15 – 27

1. What precautions do you take when traveling at night, alone? When darkness falls, what do you fear might happen to you?

2. When was the last time you were lost? What happened?

3. Is there any hope for Judah, or is captivity inevitable (verses 15 – 17)? Why would Jeremiah weep secretly (see Jeremiah 9:1)?

4. Who are the “king and . . . queen mother” (verse 18; see 2 Kings 24:8 – 12, which dates this prophecy to about 597 B. C.)?

5. The defeated were often led naked into captivity. What sense of shame does this fate convey (verses 22 and 26; see Ezekiel 16:36 – 38)?

6. Is Judah unable to stop sinning (verse 23)? Is it fair to punish people for acts that Jeremiah seems to consider beyond their control?

7. What had Judah done to deserve this fate (verses 24 and 25)?

8. How do you think Jeremiah felt delivering this kind of message again and again? Why didn’t God just warn Judah once and then lower the boom? What do these repeated warnings tell you about God?

9. How easily do you cry? What was the cause of your last tears? Has the state of the church or humanity ever upset you enough to weep?

10. Why did God liken the worship of other gods to adultery? What does that tell you about the way He thinks of His relationship with us?

11. Imagine God as your spouse. Do you feel . . . 

  • head over heels in love?
  • the honeymoon is over?
  • all work and no play in the relationship?
  • separated and growing apart?
  • relationship still going strong?
  • divorced (no reconciliation)?

12. Can a leopard change its spots? Is that true of people in general? Of you? Is today’s reading “hopeless” or do you see it differently?



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