The Book of the Law Is Found and Huldah, the Prophetess, Speaks (2 Kings 22; 2 Chronicles 34:14 – 33)

Scripture Texts:

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2 Kings 22

2 Chronicles 34:14 – 33

1. Which three people would you appoint to your personal “advisory board”? What qualifies them?

2. Ever uncover a library book you’d long forgotten to return? was the book’s fine greater than its purchase price?

3. Which would you prefer to find?

  • old newspaper clippings
  • old letters
  • old scrapbook
  • old maps
  • old books
  • antique clothes
  • antique jewelry
  • old coins

4. The book found is probably Deuteronomy (or a portion of it). How could King Josiah “do what is right in the eyes of the Lord” (2 Kings 22:2) his whole life without knowing of this book?

5. What is Josiah’s strange and intense reaction to the book? What role does Huldah play?

6. Who makes up the king’s advisory board for this Bible study project (2 Kings 22:11 – 14)? Without consulting learned advisors, what does Josiah evidently know about the book?

7. What does Huldah (as the senior biblical consultant) contribute to this project (2 Kings 22:15 – 20)? What really makes God angry? What is the grim news for the nation, but good news for the king?

8. What book, apart from the Bible, has most profoundly changed you? How so? How does that book’s effect compare with the Bible’s effect on your life?

9. How many times have you vowed to rediscover the Scriptures every morning? Will you keep trying or give up?

10. Similarly, how important are the words of the Bible in your daily life? How often do you read it? Do you often make concrete decisions or change your behavior based simply on what you read?

11. Which comes easier for you: obeying rigorously the laws of God or enjoying and taking pleasure in God? Which type of response to God would you like to experience more?

12. What leadership roles do women play in your church? Who serves the role of Huldah for you?

13. Has the ultimate bad news of God’s judgment been postponed for you? Under what conditions? What does that give you time to do?

14. How well do you know church history? Who are the “Josiahs” that have rediscovered biblical truth in recent centuries?


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