Warning! Babylon Will Subdue Egypt (Jeremiah 46)


Scripture Text:

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Jeremiah 46

1. What image comes to mind at the word “Egypt”? Do you have any desire to visit there?

2. How do you relate to a horse? Like to horse around? Could eat a horse? Are you a work horse?

3. How long does it take you to get ready for a night out? What takes the most time? What does this say about you?

4. Why does Neco march against Nebuchadnezzar (verse 8; see also Jeremiah 37:5 – 7)? Who would the people of Judah want to win and why?

5. Why does Jeremiah prophesy defeat for Egypt? What is Egypt’s problem (verses 15 and 25)? Why does God favor the pagan Babylonians (see Ezekiel 29:19 and 20)?

6. Apart from the immediate participants, who comes out the winner in this prophecy (compare Isaiah 19:23 – 25)? Who stands to lose the most?

7. Thirty years later Nebuchadnezzar carries the war back into Egypt (verses 13 – 17; 19 – 21)? Why do so many soldiers desert?

8. Will Egypt be different after the dust settles (verse 26)?

9. What does disciplined “only with justice” mean (verse 28)? What other types of discipline are there?

10. Do you think God is as involved in world affairs today? Is God only involved with Christian nations? Do you think Nebuchadnezzar attacked Egypt out of conscious obedience to the Lord? Why or why not?

11. How visible is God’s power and plan (apart from the eyes of faith)? Where do you see God’s activity in your world, or don’t you?

12. Are you troubled by the direction of the world or concerned about humanity’s future? What’s your role in our fate? What is God’s role? The church’s role? The governments of the world’s role?

13. Have you lived through a trying time, learned lots of lessons and then gone to ways “as in times past” when the dust settled? How can you make a lesson once learned stick for all time?

14. Do you stumble repeatedly over the same problem? Why is it hard to get up and walk straight? Is God the one “pushing you down” (verse 15)? Take note of James 1:12 – 15 for the difference between a trial and a temptation.

15. Have you ever missed your opportunity (verse 17) when its time finally came? Why did you hesitate to follow through? Was it something you really didn’t want, or something you thought you might not deserve?



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