Habakkuk’s First Complaint and God’s Answer (Habakkuk 1:1 – 11)

Scripture Text:

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Habakkuk 1:1 – 11

Habakkuk. The entirety of the book is a dialogue between the prophet and God. The historical context? Nebuchadnezzar’s Chaldean Empire (the second Babylonian Empire) is on the verge of taking away the first group of captives from Judah.

1. It’s been a “long time, no hear” from your friend. What’s the first thing you ask your friend? The second?

2. What is evident about Habakkuk, his historical situation and current crisis? Specify facts, viewpoints or feelings.

3. Why is Habakkuk complaining to God?

4. What is the Lord’s answer? What is amazing about His answer (verses 5 and 6)?

5. What do you think was God’s purpose in using ungodly Babylon (Chaldeans) to punish?

6. How are the Babylonians and their army pictured (verses 7 – 11)? How does Israel respond? How would you respond?

7. How does Babylon see itself (verses 7 and 11b)? What problem does this pose for Habakkuk? For Israel?

8. What do you find most puzzling about the Lord’s answer? Explain your answer to this question.

  • the end justifying the means
  • God using a double standard
  • God using two wrongs to make a right
  • Other?

9. How might God use terrorists, drug thugs, police states and political scandals in our day? In your life? To what end?



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