The Recabites Obedience Contrasted With Judah’s Disobedience (Jeremiah 35)


Scripture Text:

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Jeremiah 35

1. When it comes to parties, are you:

  • a party animal?
  • a party pooper?
  • a wall flower?
  • prudish with food and drink?
  • enough food and drink to satisfy an army

2. What famous people would you invite to an “ideal” dinner party? What does your guest list (or last year’s social calendar) say about you?

3. Why did God tell Jeremiah to offer the Recabites wine (verses 2 – 5)? What two things made them different from other Israelites (verses 6 – 10)? Why do you think they had been told to live so radically different (see 2 Kings 10:15 – 23; compare with the Nazarite’s vow in Numbers 6:2 – 4, 20)?

4. Why had they moved to Jerusalem (verse 11)? Why might they feel uneasy about the situation?

5. What about the Recabites pleases God (verses 13 – 16)? How will they be rewarded (verses 18 and 19)? What is the object lesson in this for Judah (see Jeremiah 33:18)? For you?

6. The Recabites refused to take the “modern way” of Judah. Who in your world is like these Recabites: Any “communal nomads”? Any “puritan reformers”? Any “Christian radicals”? Any “loyal fundamentalists”? What can you and your church learn from such steadfast pace-setters?

7. Is yours an alternative lifestyle – distinct from that of your peers at work, school or neighborhood? What one thing distinguishes you?

8. How should Christians be separate from the rest of society, yet live close enough so that others can tell what motivates us?




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