Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream (Daniel 2:1 – 23)

Scripture Text:

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Daniel 2:1 – 23

1. What is one of the most memorable or unusual dreams you have ever had?

2. What kinds of dreams most disturb you? Nightmares? Daydreams? Sleep-walking?

3. How many ways can you think of that help people interpret their dreams?

4. What does the king ask of the astrologers (verses 1 – 3)? Why is he testing their competence (verses 4 – 13)? Why is he so firm? So angry?

5. In his fury, what does the king decide to do (verses 12 and 13)? How does Daniel respond to this edict?

6. Embracing the death-defying dare to interpret the dream, what role is played by Daniel’s personal faith? Group prayer? God’s special revelation?

7. Does Daniel’s psalm (verses 20 – 23) express personal faith or corporate worship? Why do you think so?

8. What gifts does he praise God for? Why? What does that say about God? About Daniel? About intercession, thanksgiving and counting our blessings?

9. Why does Daniel particularly praise God’s “wisdom and might”? How does this relate to the king’s and astrologers’ claim?

10. Compare Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar to Joseph and Pharaoh (Genesis 41). How are they alike? How are they different?

11. Who (or what) drives you up the wall with demands? How do you decide when to give in and when to say no?

12. What influences you more: daily horoscope? church or workplace grapevine? editorial page? your boss? Facebook/Twitter feed?

13. Daniel was given wisdom. Nebuchadnezzar had power. Who in your life or society claims to have wisdom or power? How do their claims compare to God’s gifts to us?

14. How may your prayer life reflect Daniel’s praise and thanksgiving? And his friends’ powerful intercession?



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