Prophecy Concerning Edom (Jeremiah 49:7 – 22)


Scripture Text:

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Jeremiah 49:7 – 22

1. If you could painlessly learn a foreign language and cheaply travel in a foreign country, where would you go? Which countries might you consider living as a foreign ambassador? Which ones, due to their naked violence, would you be sure to avoid?

2. What is your favorite way of acquainting yourself with a foreign culture? Movies? Gourmet clubs? Travel? Host international students? National Geographic specials? In this way which countries do you know best?

3. From whom do the Edomites descend (see Genesis 25:29, 30; Genesis 36:6 – 8)? Where is their country? What kind of land is it? For what quality are they known (verse 7; see Obadiah 8 and Job 2:11, where this quality is typified in Job’s friends)?

4. The crimes of Edom are well known to Jeremiah’s hearers, but they are only hinted at here. What have they done (verses 12 and 16; see Ezekiel 25:12; Amos 1:11; Obadiah 10 – 14)?

5. How extensive would God’s wrath be (see Ezekiel 25:13, 14)? Why are orphans and widows exempt from this wrath (verse 11)?

6. God is compared to a lion and an eagle (verses 19 and 22). Which image do you think fits God best?

7. Why do you think God makes the people no promise of restoration, as He does for the Egyptians, Ammonites, and Moabites (see chapter 46:26; chapter 48:47 and chapter 49:6)?

8. Have you ever been afraid of God? When and why? What does it mean to “fear God” in the way Jeremiah advises?

9. The flip side of ever virtue is a vice, and so it was with Edom’s wisdom. How can intellect hinder spiritual growth? How can it help? What is the role of intelligence in your spiritual life?

10. Of the “orphans and widows” in your world, for whom can you be an instrument of God’s mercy?

11. What “eagle’s nest” (fortress mentality) have you built to feel secure in your private world? How secure are you, really? How has God broken through that to bring you to Himself?



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