Prophecy Concerning Kedar and Hazor (Jeremiah 49:28 – 33))

Scripture Text:

Jeremiah 49:28 – 33

(Click the Scripture text to open the text in a new window.)
1. What is the most desolate place you have ever visited? Would you ever want to go back there?

2. What is the most awful overnight accommodation you have experienced?

3. How would you characterize the lifestyle of these “people of the East” living at Kedar and Hazor?

4. Who attacks them (in 599 – 598 BC) and why? (Hint: What had their ancestors done to the Israelites in Judges 6:1 – 6?)

5. Were they ready for it or taken off guard? Why are they so vulnerable? Who is behind the disaster?

6. Are roots important to you? Do you consider yourself settled down, or do you tend to move around? Why?

7. Do you feel you are at ease spiritually? Where are you now compared to where you used to be? Is there the need to move on to new places (spiritually)? Where to?

8. How do you feel when a large, powerful nation attacks a smaller one? Name a recent example. Should a nation attack another, even one of similar size and stature?



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