Two Baskets of Figs (Jeremiah 24)


Scripture Text:

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Jeremiah 24

1. Do you have anything in your refrigerator that has gone bad? Why is it still there?

2. The Babylonians under Nebuchadnezzar threatened Judah in 597 BC and deported many in the reign of Jehoachin. Who was left in Judah for Zedekiah to rule (verses 1 – 3; see 2 Kings 24:14 – 20)? What would their world look like?

3. What does each basket of figs symbolize (verses 5 – 8)? What is God going to do with the exiles, why and when? What is He going to do with those left behind (verses 9 and 10)?

4. Why would God favor one group over another (see 1 Chronicles 36:11 – 16)?

5. If you lived in Jeremiah’s day, would you prefer exile in Babylon, or life in your homeland?

6. How “at home” should the church be in this world?

7. Can what appears to be harsh judgment turn into good (see James 1:2, 3)? When has that happened for you?



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