The End Has Come (Ezekiel 7)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 7

1. What things from last week did you put off until another day: School work? Home work? Office work? Relationships? Promised time with spouse or children?

2. What does such procrastination tell you about yourself?

3. What would you do with the rest of today if you knew the world would end at midnight?

4. What specifically has come to an end for Israel? What is “The end!” all about?

5. What effect will God’s punishment have on Israel militarily, financially, emotionally and spiritually? How will the whole world be affected (verses 2, 21, 24)?

6. What actions and attitudes of Israel have brought God’s wrath upon them? What loop-hole or escape clause is provided?

7. What end time advice will the people be looking for? Where will they turn (verses 25 and 26)?

8. What does God say about the fairness of His actions against Israel?

9. Would you like to be judged by the standards you use to evaluate others? Why or why not?

10. In the context of relating to people you love, where is your patience being stretched the thinnest? How much more patience do you have left? What will happen when you run out? How might limiting your patience be the more loving thing to do?

11. Does it surprise you that God’s patience has an end? Why or why not? If God’s patience were limitless, what would His justice look like?



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