Idolatry In The Temple (Ezekiel 8)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 8

1. If you saw a hole in the wall, what would arouse your curiosity?

2. Recall the parody of three monkeys whose hands cover their eyes, ears and mouth so that they “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. What neglected issues concern you, that you wish more people would see, hear or speak up about?

3. Which monkey are you?

4. Where is Ezekiel when the vision begins? To what city is he taken? By whom?

5. In each of Ezekiel’s four visions he is shown a part of the temple. What about each vision is “more detestable” than the one before? Like the blind, deaf-mute monkey with its eyes opened and ears unplugged, what evil does he sense, as if for the first time?

6. What else has Ezekiel seen a fiery “figure like that of a man” (verse 2; see also Ezekiel 1:26, 27)? What is the prior history of the “idol of jealousy” (verses 3 and 5; see also 2 Kings 21:7; 2 Kings 23:6 and 2 Chronicles 33:15).

7. Tammuz (verse 14) is a Babylonian fertility god, and smelling branches (verse 17) was a form of nature worship. What do the peoples’ action reveal about what some Israelites really believed?

8. The idol that made God jealous kept reappearing in the temple. What idol tends to reappear in your heart? What can you do to keep it out?

9. The actions Ezekiel saw were typical of Israel’s neighbors. Which actions of the people around you do you tend to imitate if you don’t watch out?

10. If Ezekiel were allowed to peep through “a hole in the wall” of your heart and mind, what would he see there?

11. What can you do about anything there that displeases God?



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