Judgment On Israel’s Leaders (Ezekiel 11:1 – 15)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 11:1 – 15

1. How do you like your meat done? If not cooked that way, do you send it back? Why or why not?

2. In renting, buying or building your own place, what’s the best advice you’ve heard? What’s the worst advice – information which proved bad or unreliable?

3. Where is Ezekiel and who does he see? What role do these 25 men play in Jerusalem?

4. What kind of leadership have they been offering? What is their advice? What effect has their leadership had (verse 6)?

5. If the “cooking pot” implies security for Israel’s top chefs (leaders), what does that say about how well the Lord’s message has gotten through to them?

6. If they view themselves as a choice meat (verse 3), who do they think are the discarded bones (verse 15)? How does Ezekiel and God turn the tables on them to help them eat their own words (verses 7 – -13; see also chapter 24)?

7. How will they then know God is sovereign?

8. Have you ever misunderstood or misapplied a word from God? What happened? Whose fault was it? What word is God giving you now?



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