False Prophets Condemned (Ezekiel 13)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 13

1. List all the professions that you can think of (including palm readers, economic forecasters and meteorologists) whose job it is to predict the future. Which of them can’t you trust? Why? Whose advice or warnings do you pay most attention to? Why?

2. Have you ever had someone’s prediction for you to come true? On what was that prediction based?

3. What is the basic message of the false prophets? How does it differ from Ezekiel’s message?

4. God uses a number of powerful images or metaphors to condemn the false prophets. What is meant here by “whitewashed walls” and “torrential rains” (verses 10 – 16)?

5. What props do the female false prophets use in their occult practices? What is the random effect of their evil actions (verses 19 and 22)?

6. Why would anyone listen to “lies” of false prophets? In Deuteronomy 18:14 – 22, what criteria does God give for distinguishing true from false prophets?

7. What will God do to intervene and put a stop to this (verses 20 – 23)? How will this prove that God is the sovereign Lord?

8. How did Jesus distinguish between true and false prophets (Matthew 7:15 – 23; Matthew 23:13 – 32; Matthew 24:23 – 27)? How do His warnings compare with Ezekiel’s?

9. Can you think of any false prophets who are operating today? What is their message? How do you know they are false?

10. Judging by your reading habits and whom you consult with, are you more concerned about “what the future holds” or “who holds the future”? What are you doing to reduce your anxiety level?



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