Two Eagles and a Vine (Ezekiel 17)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 17

1. What’s your favorite fable of Aesop? Why do you like it?

2. If you had to liken yourself to an animal to tell a fable about yourself, what animal would you pick and why?

3. Retell the fable of the two eagles and the vine in your own words. What does each element represent: Great eagle? Lebanon? Cedar? Topmost shoot? Land of merchants? Seed planted? Low spreading vine? Another great eagle? Sent out his root toward him? East wind?

4. What is the punch line of this fable? Read 2 Chronicles 36 for another account of what happened. What was wrong with Zedekiah’s actions?

5. What new allegory does God develop from the elements of the previous story (verses 22 – 24)? What does He promise to do with the very top of the cedar tree? What does this mean for Israel?

6. What do you think Jesus meant by similar imagery in His kingdom parables (see Matthew 13:31, 32)?

7. As you consider the forces at work in the world today, what hope do you find in this parable? How might this help you deal with fear, cynicism and discouragement?

8. Why do you think God cares about how various political leaders treat each other? Why does He care about treaties and agreements?

9. What agreements are you party to that God might care about? Are you fulfilling them or forgetting them? How so?

10. Why should Christians be people you can inherently trust?



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