Judgment and Restoration (Ezekiel 20:30 – 44)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 20:30 – 44

1. What wears you out your patience more? Training your child to obey? Training your pet to obey? Or learning yourself to obey?

2. After you’ve been impatient, how do you calm down?

3. What is the point of the comparisons in verses 30 – 32 and the irony in verse 39: How is Israel like (or unlike) her “fathers”? And the “nations”? What sins of this generation truly provoke the Lord?

4. In what ways will the future judgment of God be reminiscent of the Exodus (verses 33 – 38)?

5. Who is God telling, “go and serve your idols” (verse 39)? Explain your answer.

  • the rebels of verse 38?
  • the purified Israel of verse 40?
  • both?

6. What will be different about the way God treats this generation from the ones that have gone before (verses 40 – 44)?

7. What, ultimately, will result from God’s punishment?

8. How will God’s particular way of restoring Israel show Him to be the Sovereign Lord?

9. What do you learn from this passage about God’s character and plan of salvation? About God’s permissive will and His perfect will?

10. How do you think God’s mercy and His wrath work together toward the same purpose? Do you see them working together for good in your particular generation? How so?

11. Which could you use more of now: God’s “carrot” or “stick”? Why?



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