Judgment On Jerusalem’s Sin (Ezekiel 22)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 22

1. If you wanted to read all about the latest sins of the “rich and infamous”, what gossip column tabloid, column, website or blog would you turn to? What’s one of the more laughable “scoops” you’ve seen in one of those?

2. If you wanted to read an expose on sins of today’s religious “clerics and quacks,” where would you go? What news has recently embarrassed you in that regard?

3. This chapter reads like a gossip column or scandal sheet predating the National Inquirer or TMZ. Here God is cataloguing the sins of ancient Israel for everyone to mock. In verses 3 and 4, He provides an apparent “table of contents,” dividing sins into social crimes (“shedding blood”) and religious ones (“making idols”). Using these two broad categories, make a table of contents page for Israel’s sins listed here.

4. As managing editor of this Jerusalem Tabloid, which sins would you highlight on the front page with lurid photos? What ones would you bury in the back pages? Which sin would get your centerfold coverage?

5. What picture does Ezekiel give of God’s judgment in verses 17 – 22? In verses 25 – 29? What meaningful caption would you give each symbolic snapshot?

6. On the weather page of your tabloid, what is your prognosis (verse 24)? Why so bleak?

7. What kind of person is Ezekiel’s Editor-In-Chief looking for in verse 30? Write a catchy advertisement to appear in the classified section of this paper. If no one responds to the ad, what will Ezekiel’s Editor-In-Chief do?

8. Look at the two lists of sins. Which would bring the most derision from your neighbors, co-workers or fellow church-goers? Which sins are common to those people? Do you think they are more guilty, or less guilty, than Israel? Why? Unless things change, what do you think God will go with your nation?

9. Which sins on the two lists embarrass you? Did you  see your name anywhere in the Jerusalem Tabloid? Are you suing for libel? Or are you guilty as charged?

10. In either case, what sentence will God likely hand out? What or who could possibly stay God’s hand of judgment?

11. How would you answer the ad in the classified section for the person God is looking for to stand in the gap? Do you know anyone else who’s qualified to stand in the gap? What can you do to become more qualified?



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