Two Adulterous Sisters (Ezekiel 23)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 23

1. What about the “days of your youth” do you yearn for? If you could turn back the clock for one day, which day in your youth would you like to relive? Why?

2. What about the days of your youth do you find disgusting (so much so, you can’t imaging why you did any of those crazy things)? Why then did you? How do you account for your change of heart?

3. Where would you expect to find a frank discussion about sex?

  • In the pulpit?
  • In the halls of government?
  • Around the dinner table?
  • In the locker room?
  • In the bedroom?
  • In adult bookstores?
  • In Christian bookstores?
  • In Ezekiel?

4. In this frank story (allegory) about Judah and Israel, the sexual language is vivid, but figurative, implying political alliances not idolatrous worship (as in Ezekiel 16). How is each people represented? Who is the true husband?

5. Where do the adulterous sins begin for each sister (verses 5 – 13)? What other partners are involved?

6. What happens to each woman, figuratively and historically? What do their sins represent? Why is Oholibah’s sins worse than that of Oholah?

7. How does Oholibah “carry her prostitution still further” (verses 14 – 21)? With what cruel and unusual punishment (verses 22 – 28)?

8. What is the “cup” that the two sisters share (verses 31 – 34)? What will happen if and when they drink it?

9. What word of instruction and explanation does God give Ezekiel privately (verses 36 – 45)?

10. What “mob-related” and “terrorist” activities is Ezekiel associated with? What will be the ultimate result of God’s punishment (verse 49)? How will this prove God is the Sovereign Lord?

11. Have you ever heard a sermon based on this passage? What are ministers reluctant to talk about “promiscuous sex” in public? Then why do you think God uses such a disgusting story with such revolting language? How would you make the language of Ezekiel 23 more palatable to your Sunday School class?

12. Do you ever get disgusted by sin? Yours or someone else’s? Why is that? What makes you both calloused toward sin and sensitive to sin?

13. Is there anything in your personal life or your nation’s life which would come under scrutiny of Ezekiel’s indiscreet prophecy? What is it about the game of international politics that God is so dead set against?

14. If Ezekiel were your country’s minister of foreign relations, what would he have to say about what’s going on today?

15. What would you do if you were one of the mob or terrorist groups under the direction of Ezekiel? Could you go through with your violent assignment? Why or why not?



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