The Siege of Jerusalem Announced to Ezekiel; The Parable of the Cooking Pot (Ezekiel 24:1 – 14)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 24:1 – 14

1. Who’s the best cook in your family? What’s your favorite dish? (Be descriptive!)

2. When was the last time someone burned something in your kitchen? What happened?

3. Suppose you get an overcooked fortune cookie that says, “you are about to jump from the frying pan into the fire.” To what in your life situation might that saying refer?

4. What sets this chapter up as conveying a revelation worth noting? What happens in Jerusalem on the same say this word comes to Ezekiel?

5. What figures of speech does Ezekiel use to describe the city and its leadership? What does each part represent: the cooking pot (verses 3, 6; chapter 11:3)? The choice pieces of meat (verse 4; chapter 11:3)? The dirty deposit that has encrusted the pot (verses 6, 11 – 13?

6. What will happen to the city (verses 9 – 13)? Why did the “choice pieces” mistakenly think their names would be omitted from this “pot-boiler” (see chapter 11:1 – 8)?

7. What does their uncovered blood represent (verses 7 and 8; see also Isaiah 3:9; Isaiah 26:21; Genesis 4:10)?

8. Here, as in the story of Jonah, God sometimes does not carry out His threats. What is God’s reason for threatening Jerusalem (verse 13)? How do they respond? Can they hope for a similar change of heart on God’s part this time (verse 14)?

9. Why does God warn about His punishments beforehand? What does He hope will happen?

10. Are you feeling the heat anywhere? Is God warning you about anything? If you are on God’s hot seat or in His cooking pot, what does He want you to do about that?

11. As for the corruption of city government officials in your area, what are some “back-burner issues” which Ezekiel might be prompting you to bring to the front burner and “pile on the wood”?



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