Ezekiel’s Wife Dies (Ezekiel 24:15 – 27)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 24:15 – 27

1. What is the saddest day of your life you can still recall with feeling?

2. Who is your “heart’s desire”? What would life be like without him or her?

3. How does Ezekiel seem to react to his wife’s death?

4. What was Ezekiel’s  “grief” meant to signal by analogy? How does this analogy extend to God losing His “eye’s delight” and “heart’s desire”?

5. By contrast, how would the Jews in Babylon react to their Temple’s  destruction and their children’s captivity? Why does God not want them to grieve?

6. What happens to Ezekiel here (verse 27; see chapter 33:21, 22; compare in chapter 3:26 when God silenced Ezekiel)?

7. Of all that God calls Ezekiel to do, what do you think is the hardest? Why?

8. If obeying God sometimes made Ezekiel suffer, what about us? By obeying God, can you hope to escape Ezekiel’s loss?

9. How can you cultivate “His heart’s desire”?



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