God Rejects Zedekiah’s Request (Jeremiah 21)


Scripture Text:

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Jeremiah 21

1. How do you imagine you might die?

  • struck down in the prime of life?
  • rust out from old age?
  • burn out in your youth from lack of balance and sustenance?

2. Once you die, what do you think you will miss most about life?

3. What kind of king was Zedekiah (see 2 Kings 24:18-20)? Does he consult Jeremiah before or after he makes the decision to stop paying tribute to Babylon (verse 2)?

4. What good news/bad news does Jeremiah give the two priest of Zedekiah (verses 3-7)? What radical survival tip does Jeremiah give them?

5. For saying this, would you brand Jeremiah a traitor, or salute him as a patriot? Would this news sit well, or upset the soldiers defending Jerusalem?

6. What crisis of faith does Judah now face (verses 8-10; compare Deuteronomy 30:15)? What does God want Zedekiah to do (verses 11 and 12)?

7. Is it ever too late for God’s people to repent, or is there always time to make peace with God?

8. Why do some people never learn? Are you a slow learner? Is there some growing edge in your life that you refuse to attend to? A warning you refuse to heed? A conflict you refuse to resolve? Why?

9. Would you have deserted the city, as Jeremiah advised? What would it have cost you to flee? What would it have cost you to stay?

10. How might leaving Jerusalem be an allegory for becoming a committed Christian? What would you need to leave behind to become more committed to Christ?

11. Who in your world are “oppressors” and who are the “robbed”? How can you help bring justice to the oppressed?



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