Jeremiah Buys A Field (Jeremiah 32)


Scripture Text:

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Jeremiah 32

1. On a scale of 1 (“a fool and his money are soon parted”) to 10 (“Midas touch”), how would you rate your business acumen? Are you better at spending money or making money?

2. Have you ever bought any real estate? Was it easier or harder than you thought it would be? Would you do it again?

3. What was the dumbest purchase you’ve made?

4. This chapter resumes stories from Jeremiah’s history. How might it also be an extension of his Book of Consolation (chapters 31 and 32)?

5. At the end of chapter 26, Jeremiah was last seen under arrest for preaching in the Temple. As this chapter opens in 587 B.C. (verses 1 – 5), what is happening to Jerusalem and to Jeremiah? Why?

6. How then do you account for the intrusion and seeming irrelevance of Jeremiah’s cousin and God’s confirming word (verses 6 – 8)? At this time is the real estate market a buyer’s market or a seller’s market?

7. Why does Jeremiah have the “right and duty” to buy it (see Leviticus 25:23 – 25; Ruth 4:1 – 4)? Does he think it is a good deal, or does he feel stuck (verses 24 and 25)?

8. Why then does he buy the field (verses 8 – 12)? What proof did he have that it was the right thing to do?

9. How doe the parts played by Hanamel, the witnesses and Baruch serve the overall point of this passage?

10. How does Jeremiah’s prayer (verses 17 – 25) serve that overall purpose? What themes from chapters 31 and 32 does he bring before God? Is this prayer a prayer of affirmation or resignation? Why do you think so?

11. What comfort does God offer in verses 26 – 29? In verses 36 – 41? In verses 42 – 44?

12. If the spiritual health of Anathoth is at all like the other Israelite towns (verses 30 – 35), what will probably be the fate of Jeremiah’s newly acquired property (see chapter 11:21 – 23)? Why then does God ask Jeremiah to buy the field (verses 42 – 44)? What do you think the rest of the city would have thought about this crazy real estate transaction?

13. Of what comfort to you are long-range assurances of prosperity, when your present financial outlook is precarious (at best) or bankrupt (at worst)?

14. What lessons of hope have you learned that could have only been taught you through adversity, doom and gloom?

15. God gave Jeremiah advance confirmation of His will about Jeremiah’s purchase of the field from his cousin? Has God ever told you in advance what He wants you to do when a certain situation arises? What role does God have in your decision-making process?

16. Where do you think the world will be in 70 years? Is it hard for you to put stock in the present when the world looks so grim? What investment would God want you to make in the future of your world, as a testimony of your faith in God?

17. When have you stepped out on faith and then seriously reconsidered, even rescinded, your actions? If you ever challenge God about the way things work out for you, how does God answer? What kind answers do you expect?



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