Promise Of Restoration (Jeremiah 33)


Scripture Text:

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Jeremiah 33

1. When were you most homesick? When were you most sick of home? What happened in each instance?

2. What current situations come to mind for you as you picture these fragments of dialogue expressing concern about promises made and not yet fulfilled . . .

  • “But you said ___” . . . “When did I say that?”
  • “Here it is in writing” . . . “Ah, that contract has be superseded by a new one.”
  • “I can’t trust you” . . . “What do I have to do, sign in blood?”

3. This chapter summarizes some themes from earlier in Jeremiah’s life. How might it also be an extension of his Book of Consolation (chapters 31 and 32)? (hint: Why does Jeremiah say a “second time,” verse 1)?

4. With the siege of Jerusalem still underway (verses 4 and 5), what must have happened to their hope, necessitating this second word?

5. What three things does the Lord promise to do in and for His people (verses 6 – 8)? Toward what end does God bless them (verse 9)?

6. What signs of hope are conveyed by the sights and sounds of verses 10 and 11 (compare chapter 7:34; chapter 16:9; chapter 25:10)? What other activities would you use to express the same hope?

7. What tow offices does God once again promise to establish (verses 15 – 18; see chapter 23:5, 6)? When were these promises first made (see Numbers 25:13; 2 Samuel 7:12 – 16; Genesis 22:17)? Why might the people need reassurance that God will still keep His word as always

8. Who will ultimately fulfill both offices? How so (see Luke 1:32, 33; Hebrews 7:11 – 25)?

9. Are the people justified in saying God has rejected Israel and Judah (verses 23, 24)? Who rejected who?

10. Have you ever doubted God’s faithfulness? Why? What hope do you have in the times when you were unfaithful to God?

11. Jewish people through the ages have had mixed thoughts on these promises of a Messiah. Do you wonder why God seems to wait so long to act? What answers seem to satisfy you for the time being?

12. Israel needed constant reassurance. Do you need to be reminded of God’s promises? Which promise, recorded in Jeremiah, do you need to remember now?



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