A Lament for Tyre (Ezekiel 27)

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Ezekiel 27

1. What is the most beautiful city you’ve ever visited? What impressed you the most? Have you ever been in a city you could describe as “clean”?

2. Have you ever had anything beautiful which was ruined? How did it happen? How did you feel?

3. To what is Tyre likened in this poem (verses 4 – 9)? Do you find the image fitting? What parts of  it are mentioned? From where did the supplies come? What words reveal the elegance of its construction?

4. Where did this ship travel? Can you find the limits of its trade in each direction on a map? What were some of the goods it exchanged? Do you think Tyre had good reasons to be proud?

5. What will happen to this great luxury ship (verses 25 – 36)? What will cause the accident? What will happen to the ship and crew?

6. What different groups will hear of the mishap (verses 30 – 36)? Who is most upset? Why?

7.  Is it wrong to feel pride in your achievements or attributes? What’s wrong with a realistic appraisal? Do you find a lot of “humility” rings falsely?

8. Who would be upset if you were broke? Friends? Family? Church members? Creditors? Would anyone even know?

9. What is the mood of this lament?

  • joy over a fallen foe?
  • regret over something lovely destroyed?
  • sorrow over a people crushed?

10. What does this lament tell you about God’s feelings?

11. If you were writing a lament for your city, what items might appear in the verses?

12. Would people in other nations lament the destruction of your country? Who might not?



A Prophecy Against Tyre (Ezekiel 26)

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Ezekiel 26

1. Have you ever come close to drowning? Have you ever saved someone from drowning? What was it like?

2. Have you ever been in an earthquake? Did it move buildings or furniture? Did it move you?

3. Tyre was about 100 miles north of Jerusalem. How would Tyre prosper from Israel’s destruction (verse 2)? How was Tyre’s response like those of the nations back in chapter 25?

4. What will Tyre’s punishment be? Who will inflict it (verse 7)? Will it be thorough (verses 9 – 14)?

5. If God knows disaster is coming, what is the point of warning Tyre? Why not just let it happen?

6. The “coastlands” are the countries and islands of the Mediterranean that Tyre engaged in trade. Why will they be so “shaken up” (verses 15 – 18)?

7.  Is God going overboard in punishing those who rejoice in Israel’s misfortune so harshly? What does this say about God’s commitment to Israel?

8. What does this chapter do to the ancient belief that gods only had power with territorial borders? Was Yahweh “washed up” when Israel was destroyed?

9. Do you rejoice or lament over the current political situation in your country? Is God working out a plan or wringing His hands? Should your church be involved in national and international politics?


Pharaoh As A Felled Cedar Of Lebanon (Ezekiel 31)

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Ezekiel 31

1. When was the last time you were in the forest? Why were you there? How did you feel?

2. Who is the most successful person you know? What impresses you most about him or her?

3. Who does God tell Pharoah to consider (verse 3)? To what does God compare this country? How does God describe it?

4. What was the sin of the cedar? How was it punished? By whom (verse 12; see Ezekiel 30:10, 11)? What will be the impact on other trees (verses 14, 16, 17)?

5. What lesson does God want Pharoah to learn from this allegory of the cedar tree?

6. Has God ever acted in blessing or judgment in the life of someone you know? What did you learn from that experience? Can you really learn from other peoples’ mistakes, or must you make your own?

7. Everyone can’t have it “made in the shade” in Beverly Hills or Aspen. Is it always true that for one person to have abundance, others must have less?

8. If the world were a forest, how much of the water would you say you get? How much does your nation take?

9. How does God measure success? In what area of life do you feel you are “branching out”?