Warning To Zedekiah (Jeremiah 34:1 – 7)


Scripture Text:

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Jeremiah 34:1 – 7

1. What totally unexpected gift (serendipity) did you once receive? From whom? What for?

2. How would you rather die: by famine, sword or plague?

3. How is Judah able to hold out so long under a four-year siege (verse 7; see 2 Kings 25:1 – 3)?

4. What has God already told Zedekiah about the war (see chapter 2:1 – 10)? What has Zedekiah done to deserve a break (verses 4 and 5)?

5. What blessing has God given you recently that you did not deserve? How do you respond to unmerited goodness?

6. Are you “between a rock and a hard place”, as was Zedekiah? How so?



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