The Righteous Branch (Jeremiah 23:1 – 8)


Scripture Text:

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Jeremiah 23:1 – 8

1. Which would you rather be and why: politician, church leader or shepherd? Who is more likely to get their flock to follow their lead?

2. Who are the “shepherds” (verse 1)? How are they scattering the “flock”? What will God do to them?

3. What new shepherds and “righteous Branch” will God appoint (verses 4 and 5; see Isaiah 11:1 and 2)?

4. “Zedekiah” is Hebrew for “The Lord my righteousness”. What is the significance of the future king’s title in verse 6?

5. What historical bench marks define Israel as a nation (verses 7 and 8)? Why is one more significant?

6. Jesus applied this shepherd imagery to Himself (see John 10:7 – 16). How does He fulfill this promise for you? Which title, name or role of Jesus is most special to you?

7. Hope shines in even the most difficult chapters of Israel’s history? How does hope shine for you?



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