A Prophecy Against Egypt (Ezekiel 29)

Scripture Text:

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Ezekiel 29

1. Which barnyard animal best describes this country? Which jungle animal? Is the world more like a barnyard or jungle?

2. Has a good friend ever let you down? What happened? How did it feel?

3. God depicted Tyre as a ship. How does He depict Egypt? Why is it appropriate?

4. For what two things does God punish Pharaoh (verses 3, 6 7)? How reliable was Egypt as a military ally (see 2 Kings 18:19 – 21)?

5. How will God punish Egypt? When will God regather her? How does this compare with the fate of Ammon (chapter 20:36 – 38)?

6. Why might the “horn” in verse 21 symbolize strength (see 1 Samuel 2:1; Psalm 92:10)?

7. Does God work in your life without you knowing it? On hindsight, when do you recall this happening?

8. How does God reveal His actions and plans? How can you better understand and fit in with His purposes?

9. Is it good to rely on others or is it wiser to be as independent as possible? How would you define dependence? independence? interdependence?

10. Do you thing Nebuchadnezzar attacked Tyre and Egypt out of conscious obedience to the Lord? What is significance of your answers as you consider international conflicts today?



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